A Trusted Approach to Integrated Pest Management in Schools

EnviroSafe IPM integrated pest managementSchools are at the heart of calls for safer, greener pest management and turf solutions. For more than 15 years, EnviroSafe has been one of the leading providers of integrated pest management (IPM) services in Michigan. Our approach reduces or even eliminates the need for harmful pesticides. Today, we work with more than 75 school districts. We were the first Green Shield Certified Company in Michigan, and in 2009, we were recognized with the International Excellence in IPM award at the International IPM Symposium.

A Unique Approach to Pest Management

Communication and collaboration are important tools of good IPM. We work closely with district administration, partner with school custodial and facilities staff, and help educate teachers and parents. This unique approach helps catch pest management issues before they become a widespread issue and often prevents them altogether.

A Commitment to Serving Schools

We’re a family-owned business that provides approachable, knowledgeable care for every school we serve. Our owner, Bob Stoddard, got his start in the Grand Rapids Public School district, where he worked with the parents and staff to introduce integrated pest management practices. We have a deep understanding of what IPM means to the school community, including common questions, roadblocks, and ways to implement IPM. When you work with EnviroSafe, you are part of our extended community.

A Range of Pest Management Tools & Products

In addition to our approach and knowledge, EnviroSafe offers a number of tools and products to round out your school’s pest management toolbox. These include green cleaning products, a non-toxic delicer that’s included in your service agreement, options for turf management, and web-based documentation and educational tools to easily keep tabs on notifications, MSDS, and more.

How can we help you?

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